Paint stripper formulation

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EP0860480A1 - Paint-stripping formulations, their preparation and use - Google Patents

Replacing methylene chloride in paint strippers

Industrial paint stripping formulas contain a number of ingredients, each offering a specific solution in the stripping process. It is the number of constituent ingredients carried by a stripping formula that gives it the characteristics to remove pain without having to damage the target on which the paint sticks. With these considerations in mind, it is necessary to look at a few of the available paint stripping formulas that you might want to consider for your next project. For industrial use, methylene chloride is seen as a good choice for stripping. This is because it does not lead to dissolution, which causes redeposition and clearance issues. It works by separating the paint from its substrate in sheets that are large so it does not behave like a regenerated stain. Methylene chloride also penetrates fairly well through the paint film.

Replacing methylene chloride in paint strippers

Paint stripper , or paint remover , is a chemical product designed to remove paint , finishes , and coatings while also cleaning the underlying surface. The product's material safety data sheet provides more safety information than its product labels. Paint can also be removed using mechanical methods scraping or sanding or heat hot air , radiant heat , or steam.
Other paint stripper formulations were found through a literature search, including U. Paint stripper formulations range in complexity from two-ingredient solutions to systems employing primary and co-solvents, activators, thickeners, wetting agents, chelating or sequestering agents, corrosion inhibitors, and colorants. The function of each component category is discussed, with specific reference to commercial requirements and the requirements of those working in the art conservation field. The purpose of this project was to compile information about the materials used in proprietary paint strippers.