Irimia twins nude

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Buff babe: Cheeky Girl Monica Irimia strips off to reveal her new curves after adding eight pounds to her tiny frame. Wearing just a pair of long white gloves, the Romanian pop star shows off her petite figure as she crouches on a chair. The Cheeky Girl is said to have put on weight for the photo shoot to add some more curves to her slender frame. It may be a desperate ploy to grab the spotlight from her twin sister Gabriela, the other half of the cheeky pop duo. He is hoping to invest in a forthcoming Cheeky Girl theme park, entitled Cheeky Land, in their hometown of Cluj-Napoca.

Bare-faced Cheeky Girl: Monica Irimia strips off for nude photo shoot

The Cheeky Girls Gabriela And Monica Irimia Topless In Zoo Magazine

She is making headlines today as her nude photo shoot has hit the net. Monica Irimia did a racy photo shoot that is getting more attention than her music does. Monica posed nude, wearing nothing but a pair of silky white gloves, or a kinkily wrapped in rubber. Monica is said to have gained eight pounds to add some curves to her petite body for this photo shoot, and it seems to have had a nice result. Monica Irimia was born on October 31, in Transylvania, Romania.

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