Battle of the planets cosplay

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It was the most successful anime series in the United States during the s, airing on network affiliates during after-school hours by However, a live-action Gatchaman feature film was released in Japan in August As of , the series has been made available for streaming on Hidive. It was here Frank first encountered the Japanese animation Gatchaman from producer Tatsunoko Production run by the Yoshida brothers.

Coolest Homemade Battle of the Planets Costumes

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Gallactor Troopers x 3 Gatchaman Battle Of The Planets Zoltar Mark Star Wars

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These Homemade Battle of the Planets Costumes were all made by me. The costume was mainly made from Lycra, with cotton fabric for the capes and plastic for the helmets. Marks Costume was based on a white long sleeved T-shirt and Shorts.