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This post was sponsored by Bun Maternity , the most comfortable nursing apparel I own! From the outset of this post I want to affirm that every mother has her own personal journey with feeding and then weaning her baby. Before having Taylor, and even while I was pregnant, I was actually kind of uncomfortable with the whole concept of breastfeeding. I read about the health and bonding benefits and felt, if it were possible for me to provide that for her, that I wanted to do so. Despite my discomfort and questioning on the outset, I made a commitment to breastfeed Taylor for as long as it was possible for me to do so, and for as long as she showed interest.

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Skip to content. According to the latest research , breastfeeding has benefits from the earliest hours right into adult life. It's associated with everything from better resistance to disease to healthier bodyweight, stronger academic performance to higher earnings. The World Health Organization WHO recommends that all babies get only breast milk for the first six months of their life. And yet, only 38 percent of them do. Some countries have to work harder than others to convince and enable mothers to breastfeed. In many poorer countries, where breastfeeding rates are highest, the savings on baby food are a compelling reason on their own.

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It is the ideal environment for those first public breastfeeds and to meet other breastfeeding families. Research has shown us that mother to mother peer support is crucial for breastfeeding. Us mums need each other!
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