Woman orgasm on bike

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Cycling is a fairly intimate sport. It can get Especially for women, in a male-dominated sport where most bike shop staff and most bike fitters are male, the topic of crotch health can be awkward. For men, where to position a heart rate monitor strap is straightforward: across the chest. For women, the answer might not be so obvious. And I wore my HR monitor over my boobs like that for years.

Cycling can leave women struggling to orgasm, loss of desire and no satisfaction between the sheets

10 ways women have accidental orgasms - Sustain

There is a huge amount of information on the topic, and it can all be pretty confusing. So we decided to delve into the research to give you this guide to all things sexy in the world of cycling. Look, exercise is good for you. And when you feel better about your work and life because you exercise a lot, you tend to want to get it on a little more often.

New Bike Seat Designed To Do Something Crazy/Awesome

There are so many articles online devoted to just how hard it is for women to reach orgasm. But what about if the opposite is true for you? Where you are minding your business, and out of nowhere: An Ooohrgasm! Enter the exciting world of accidental orgasms.
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