Vaginal yeast infections shave

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If you have a vagina , you might want to do yourself a favor and learn the most common yeast infection causes. Below, find the things anyone with a vagina absolutely should know about yeast infection causes, as well as how to recognize and most importantly get rid of yeast infections. Lots of irritation. Often yeast infections make you super itchy in and around the vagina.

10 Ways You’re Unknowingly Causing Yeast Infections

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Suite Portland, Oregon PH. After years in practice and doing many female exams, I have begun to see some patterns that I want to share with you. I will start by saying this blog may test your comfort limits but this is a subject that should be talked about. Some woman shave it all and some only shave a bit, but I have witnessed a lot of shaving in recent years. The females that shave are often young 20 and 30 year olds and teenagers. I am not sure how the trend started, but I want to share with you the conversation that I have with girls in my office who are consistently shaving. Many of the girls who are shaving all of their hair off are having trouble with recurrent vaginal yeast infections or bacterial vaginitis.

How to Care for Your Hair ... Down There

What is normal? What is weird? Do we wax, shave, both or neither!? Pubic hair actually has a medical purpose beyond giving women yet another aspect of their appearance to worry about.
How do I care for my pubic hair without giving myself a yeast infection? Is there anything I can do besides washing in the shower? Ask Dr.