The wedge sex position

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Amazing sex is all about comfort and access—so you can try out new touches and strokes, position your bodies at tricky but crazy-hot angles , and sustain the action for longer without feeling sore the next day. The easiest way to do this? Bring the right sex pillows into your bedroom. Sex pillows and sex wedges basically a firm, wedge-shaped pillow are designed to prop up body parts like your stomach, back, butt, and pelvis, yet they're also super comfy for when you want to bask in the afterglow and drift off to sleep. Sure, any old couch cushion might do the trick. But sex pillows are specifically made for bedroom action; they're durable and often have covers that are easy to toss in the wash.

This Surprising Accessory Can Make Sex Way More Comfortable — & Pleasurable

8 Best Sex Pillows, Wedge & Cushions to Take Your Orgasms to the Next Level | Glamour

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4 sex positions made easier by the Liberator Wedge

Sometimes your sex life just needs a good lift. Whether it's due to aches and pains or a simple difference in size between you and your partner, investing in one of the best wedge pillows for sex can help make some otherwise awkward positions feel more comfortable. And according to some of the experts I spoke to for this article, that's just where the fun begins.
This simple little wedge-shaped accessory has been awesome. The biggest problem with missionary position is often making sure you have adequate stimulation of the clitoris. Depending on where the clitoris is positioned on the wife closer or further from the vaginal opening , it can difficult to achieve this stimulation. The wedge gives you a new range to play around with.