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Sign In. The Mummy's Hand Hide Spoilers. JoeKarlosi 16 February A group of amateur but likable treasure seekers search for the tomb of an ancient princess, but they encounter the still-living mummy instead, bent on destroying anyone who would dare defile the ancient Egyptian gods. While not a great Universal horror movie by any means one critique would be the re-usage of the same exact shot again and again of Kharis shambling about in the wilderness this was the first and best of four Universal films featuring the mummy Kharis.

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The film is about an Egyptian mystic named Andoheb George Zucco who is ordered by his High Priest Eduardo Ciannelli to guard over the mummy of Kharis Tom Tyler , who can be revived or neutralized by burning a handful of tanna leaves. Kharis is ordered to kill off expedition members Dr. The film had what was described as a "modest" budget and reuses footage from The Mummy as well as reusing nearly the entire score from Son of Frankenstein. The film was released on September 20, and was followed by a sequel titled The Mummy's Tomb in The dying priest of the sect explains the story of Kharis to Andoheb, involving the theft of sacred tana leaves that can restore life to the dead Princess Ananka, who Kharis secretly loves. Kharis' penalty upon being discovered is to be buried alive, without a tongue, and the tana leaves are buried with him. During the cycle of the full moon, the fluid from the brew of three tana leaves is to be administered to the creature to keep him alive.

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There they soon discover the clues that lead them to a year-old mummy, who is guarded by a sinister high priest Eduardo Ciannelli. Reluctantly funded by a magician Cecil Kellaway and his beautiful daughter Peggy Moran , the expedition has its hands full battling the mummy, who goes on a killing rampage during each full moon, in this frightening chiller masterpiece. The Mummy's Tomb The ancient Egyptian Mummy, Kharis, is transported from his homeland with the high priest Mehemet Turhan Bey to wreak vengeance on the family who has defiled th sacred bomb of his beloved Princess Ananka. Compassionately portrayed by Lon Chaney Jr.
The original Mummy offered something very different. The original The Mummy had only a minute of reanimated mummy in the sense we tend to think. Im-ho-tep gets brought back to life when someone ill-advisedly reads the Scroll of Thoth in his presence, whereupon he merely wanders off with the scroll.