Temperature of anus

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How to Take a Rectal Temperature

How to Take a Rectal Temperature

Feeling your child's forehead is quick but not very exact. Most modern digital thermometers work fast and are easy to use. It is best to use a digital thermometer to check your child's temperature. Do NOT use a mercury thermometer. These thin glass devices filled with the silvery metal can break and release toxic levels of mercury fumes. In fact, if you have a mercury thermometer at home, you should remove it. A fever usually is a temperature of

Fever Temperatures: Accuracy and Comparison

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Rectal thermometry is taking a person's temperature by inserting a thermometer into the rectum via the anus. Thus, it is often used sparingly and primarily on infants, children, or adults for whom taking an oral temperature would risk injury e. The precise history of rectal thermometry is largely unknown, but medical thermometers have long been made in a tube shape that fits into the anus. Medical literature shows the practice dating back to at least the 18th century, and it is probable that rectal thermometry was thought to be a safer alternative to oral temperature-taking, due to the use of mercury and other toxic chemicals in early thermometers. As thermometry-related technology improves in the 21st century, rectal thermometry is becoming decreasingly pervasive, but it is still the preferred method for taking the temperature of infants and pets.