Software de reconocimiento facial

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Facial recognition technology is both innovative and worrisome. Here's how it works and what you need to know. Facial recognition is a blossoming field of technology that is at once exciting and problematic. Whether you want it to or not, facial recognition sometimes called simply "face recognition" is poised to play an ever-growing role in your life. Your face could be scanned at airports or concerts with or without your knowledge. You could be targeted by personalized ads thanks to cameras at shopping malls.

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On September 21st, , the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires has started a debate to regulate the implementation of facial recognition systems in public spaces. Through this bill, legislators intend to debate the regulation of the facial recognition systems. Since , the government of Buenos Aires has allowed the installation of a facial recognition system on surveillance cameras in the city. For example, as a huge amount of video surveillance systems are installed among the country, it will be required to send information about the location of each device as well as clarifications on which of these systems are operating facial recognition software and what are the technical specifications of the facial recognition system or software used. Some civilian organizations are also asking for regulation. Team AI Regulation September 22,

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Pero ahora estamos viendo un panorama cada vez mayor de aplicaciones que emplean reconocimiento facial para una variedad de casos de uso. Los casos de uso son de gran alcance. Afirma ofrecer la capacidad de reconocer plantas, animales, puntos de referencia e incluso su cena. Las aplicaciones de reconocimiento facial no son solo para seguridad. Incluso permite a los usuarios superponer sus rostros a celebridades.