Orgasm by thinking

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Back in the early s, researchers from Rutgers University recruited 10 women who claimed to be able to experience orgasms just by thinking , and asked them to pleasure themselves with their minds while having their heart rate, blood pressure, pupil diameter, and pain threshold measured. When the same women then brought themselves to orgasm the old-fashioned way — by physically stimulating their genitals — the researchers noted that the increases in these physiological measures were virtually the same as when they had experienced thought-induced orgasms. Study co-author Barry Komisaruk told IFLScience that when he asked the participants to describe the mental imagery they used to bring themselves to climax, the responses were surprisingly varied. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By continuing to use our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Share on Facebook.

There's A Hands-Free Way To Get Off

Orgasm Just by Thinking: Is it Medically Possible? - CBS News

Women are always on , but is this stopping us from getting turned on? But worrying about gas bills that need paying is never going to be conducive to a good time. One such study, from , found women who regularly reached orgasm tended to focus more on the sensations of sex and how their body felt — basically, sex mindfulness — compared to women who found it harder to orgasm. Negative thoughts during sex are also — perhaps unsurprisingly — a barrier. Even the words we use to describe orgasm can play a part in making women less likely to come. A survey of more than 32, women conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital found one in five had difficulties experiencing orgasm. Removing the pressure to have an orgasm is key to freeing them up to happen, says Engle.

Here's How To Give Yourself An Orgasm Using Only Your Mind

This may be the ultimate DIY. There are a lot of strange ways to orgasm, but unlike the famous coregasm, this one happens without moving a muscle. Well, sort of. It sounds completely bonkers, I know. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical.
Your brain is directly connected to your sexuality. So it also makes sense that you can make yourself orgasm just from the power of your mind! You have probably heard about this phenomenon, whether it was through a Lady Gaga interview , the show Strange Sex , or one of your friends who is super into tantra. You may be wondering if this type of orgasm feels different than your normal run of the mill orgasm.