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Today I started a new day as always. I wake up then take a shower and have breakfast. After breakfast, I sat naked at the desk. I work at home. I am a freelancer.

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The bohemian escapade happened by accident, when, after a stroll down Big Beach and nary a shell for my mother to collect, she asked which beach I liked best. I decided to be honest. Quaint and clothing optional. At the time, my sexual orientation was subject to a similar self-imposed policy within my family. Even the two mentors lost to AIDS, a painful awakening to the fragility of life, omitted.

On a Nude Beach With My Parents, Baring Almost All

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In August , I posted a selection of potential covers for my new book, The Italian Renaissance Nude , on Facebook, to find out which one friends liked best. This seems a very modern problem but actually raises questions at the heart of the exhibition The Renaissance Nude at the Royal Academy. It is remarkable that one of the few places where we can gaze at images of the naked body in public with impunity is the art gallery. How did this situation come about?