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Benglis began her career in the midst of Postminimal art, pushing the traditions of painting and sculpture into new territories. Benglis initiated several bodies of work in the late s and early s that set the course for her subsequent practice. Her wax paintings, which began with brushed skin-like layers of pigmented beeswax and dammar resin transitioned into the use of a blowtorch as a kind of brush, manipulating colors into a marbleized surface that seemingly fought against the constraints of the lozenge-shaped Masonite panels. The impulse to see these forms flow beyond the structure of a traditional support led Benglis to embrace pigmented latex, which she began pouring directly onto the floor. Concurrently, she began working with pigmented polyurethane foam, building the volume of her sculptures vertically by pouring the oozing, lava-like forms against walls and in the corners of spaces or over constructed armatures and chicken wire that, once solidified, were mounted to the wall.

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Violent crime surged last year even in places that didn't reform bail laws, which suggests something else — such as the pandemic or the economic shutdown or both — was the real cause. And overall crime in the United States fell in the first half of , according to the FBI — which is not what you would expect if hordes of unrepentant criminals were streaming out of the jails. He says that would require his office to staff the courts with judges and lawyers seven days a week, yet he will get no funding from the state to add those services. The law puts into statute rules for when a police officer can use force or deadly force, including chokeholds.

Lynda Benglis

Description: "Mayohiga": An illusionary house that bestows wealth upon lost travelers, unlike houses in the mysterious and slightly eerie stories of legend. In this modern retelling, Mayohiga is a cafe staffed by beautiful Onee-san. However, unchanged from the tales of old, Mayohiga appears onl.
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