N shaved wet

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There is no denying it, shaving with an electric razor takes less time. Some of us like to have that designer stubble look; most electric razors have different trim settings while wet shave razors only have their one. Of course, wet razor shavers can always try shaving the night before. While this takes some forethought, the clean cut of the hairs see above image; wet is on the left makes the stubble look much more crisp, rather than just unkept. While in the long run you will save money with an electric razor, you will need to invest quite a bit upfront.


Electric Shaver Vs. Wet Shave // Colonel's Journal

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To Wet Shave or to Dry Shave aka blade — vs. Men have been removing their facial hair for thousands of years, and they have been using various means to do so. For many men, shaving their facial hair is at the heart of the grooming process — the shaver is the key that unlocks and starts their day. Since both blade shaving and electric shaving methods are so effective, it really comes down to a matter of personal preference and depends on factors such as individual expectations and shaving habits. The fundamental difference between blade shaving and electric shaving is how the hair is cut.
Dry shaving can be accomplished using electric razors or blade razors on any part of your body or face. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of dry shaving with both electric and blade razors. Maybe your water was turned off and you have to get ready for a big date or job interview.