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Attack on Sydney Harbour

Remembering Sydney under attack | Australian War Memorial

Download the talk - min 2. Sixty years ago today, almost to the hour, three Type A midget submarines pulled away from their large I-class "mother" submarines about 15 kilometres east of Sydney — their mission to enter Sydney Harbour and sink Allied shipping there. The first of the two-men submarines, commanded by Lt Chuma Kenshi, entered the harbour at 8 pm. Although only the central section of an anti-torpedo boom net stretching from Georges Head to Green Point had been finished, Chuma's craft became entangled in it. It was detected by an alert harbour worker at pm and located by harbour defence craft an hour later. Before it could be attacked, the crew, who had made repeated but unsuccessful attempts to break free, destroyed themselves and their craft by detonating its kilogram scuttling charge. Meanwhile, the second submarine, commanded by Lt Ban Katsuhisa, had slipped past the boom net and made its way to a position off Potts Point.

Fallen submariners honored in Australia

To enjoy our content, please include The Japan Times on your ad-blocker's list of approved sites. The ceremony continues an Australian tradition of honoring the courage of the attackers of Sydney almost 65 years. It took place on Feb.
On the night of 31 May — 1 June, three Ko-hyoteki -class midget submarines , M, M and M each with a two-member crew, entered Sydney Harbour , avoided the partially constructed Sydney Harbour anti-submarine boom net , and attempted to sink Allied warships. Two of the midget submarines were detected and attacked before they could engage any Allied vessels. The crew of M scuttled their submarine, whilst M was successfully attacked and sunk. The crew of M killed themselves. These submarines were later recovered by the Allies.