Manual enamel wire stripper

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It improves the efficiency. Ideal scraping tools for coil manufacturing and repair industries such as motors,. Various packing according to specific products:. Normally small products by cartons or boxes, large devices by wooden case.

Enameled wire stripping machines

Industry-Efficient manual enameled wire stripping machine -

When the enameled wire is of different specifications, the adjustable speed potentiometer can be adjusted. The wire diameter is adjusted in the slow direction, and the wire diameter is adjusted in the fast direction. When the paint film is not peeled off, the speed is increased until it is scraped. If the enameled wire is scratched by a knife during speed regulation, the speed should be reduced until it meets the requirements. When scraping the paint to the end of the enameled wire, do not immediately disengage the three-jaw blade at the end of the enameled wire.

Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper

LA Fully automatic 5 wires twister servo motor cutting stripping twisting crimping tinning machine. Manual 1. HB-8 Automatic enameled wire stripping machine for cable wire and metal steels.
D Enamel Wires. The Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper is an all purpose tool capable of removing the enamel insulation from copper wire to facilitate termination, e. The Abisofix Enamel Stripper is also available with an optional strip length limited, fitted to the stripping head for accurate and repeatable results. For batch production an optional electric footswitch and bench holder are also available.