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Take the peaceful top-floor flat if you are a couple. She will head off to the boulangerie and bring back different choices of bread and pastries to go with your fresh fruit platter and homemade yogurt. If you prefer privacy choose the modern 3rd-floor apartment with wonderful views onto the garden. There are two great department stores in walking distance — Galeries Lafayette and Printemps both with panoramic views from the top , and lots of independent boutiques in Montmartre.

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We found the apartment very clean, well equipped, bright and spacious. We enjoyed her company, her lovely sense of humor and of course the mouth-watering breakfast treats! Great for us with two children who got the bedroom , and we had a very comfy sofa bed. The apartment has all that is needed to feel like home.

Testimonials for the Apartment

Quiet Days in Clichy is a novella written by Henry Miller. The plot follows Joey, an American expatriate in and around Place Clichy. The book is divided in two parts. In the first, Joey and his equally destitute roommate Carl search for food and navigate relationships with various women.
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