Emotions and facial expressions

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Dynamic Emotional Communication View all 24 Articles. Research on facial emotion expression has mostly focused on emotion recognition, assuming that a small number of discrete emotions is elicited and expressed via prototypical facial muscle configurations as captured in still photographs. These are expected to be recognized by observers, presumably via template matching. In contrast, appraisal theories of emotion propose a more dynamic approach, suggesting that specific elements of facial expressions are directly produced by the result of certain appraisals and predicting the facial patterns to be expected for certain appraisal configurations.

Facial Expressions of Basic Emotions in Japanese Laypeople

Are There Universal Facial Expressions? - Paul Ekman Group

While conducting research on emotions and facial expressions in Papua New Guinea in , psychologist Carlos Crivelli discovered something startling. He showed Trobriand Islanders photographs of the standard Western face of fear — wide-eyed, mouth agape — and asked them to identify what they saw. Instead, they saw an indication of threat and aggression. But if Trobrianders have a different interpretation of facial expressions, what does that mean?

How to Read Facial Expressions

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Ekman noticed that many of the apparent differences in facial expressions across cultures were due to context. To describe this phenomenon, Dr. Ekman coined the term display rules : rules we learn in the course of growing up about when, how, and to whom it is appropriate to show our emotional expressions.