Convince girlfriend facial

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Are you not sure how you can talk your girlfriend or wife into taking a facial cumshot? Well, fret not as most men have been there and they too have had a tough time dealing with this scenario. A cumshot is pretty common in adult videos and we have been watching them ever since we started to explore our sexual needs. We have some common tips and methods you can use to lure your gf or wife into trying it out for the very first time.

I want to ejaculate on her face, how to convince her?

How To Convince Your Girlfriend To Take A Facial

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How to Convince Your GF/wife to take a facial cumshot for the First Time

You are currently viewing our forum as a guest which gives you limited access. How to convince your girlfriend to take a facial -or swallow your load. Most regular guys often phantasize about covering their girlfriend's face in goo - or even better, to have her swallow your entire load without hesitation or dislike. Well here are a few options, that may help you out: 1. Simply pop the question.
This is, of course, a big mistake. Some people go through all kinds of trouble to make their loved one, slave, or sex toy take nut-butter see images. Your efforts are needed elsewhere and a facial is your privileged that you should be tapping into.