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Carrie Fisher on Her Affair with Married Harrison Ford: “What Happens on Location Is Permitted”

Why So Many Carrie Fisher Fans Are Outraged on Her Behalf | Vanity Fair

Before she died, Carrie Fisher didn't leave too many secrets behind, but there was one she did keep. In an interview with The Guardian , Star Wars ' very own Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill admits that the two "got it on" during the first film in the series. In the original film, the duo shared an infamous kiss before it would turn out the characters were actually brother and sister. One day they were discussing "kissing techniques" and the next they were "making out like teenagers. In addition to Hamill's confession, he also recalls about when he discovered the then year-old Harrison Ford and year-old Fisher were having an affair. By the time I found out, I just thought it was hilarious.

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When Carrie Fisher died just after Christmas , she left behind a number of legacies. Even some of her deepest admirers were surprised by her under-the-radar career as a Hollywood script doctor; others had just discovered her role as a mental-health advocate. And when she passed away, an entire new generation of Star Wars fans had just gotten to know and adore her, thanks to her refreshingly eccentric publicity tour for The Force Awakens.
In the four decades since Star Wars premiered, Carrie Fisher has written two memoirs, a semi-autobiographical novel and starred in a one-woman play about her life. When word leaked out, some outlets reported she wrote that Han Solo was bad in bed, which is apparently completely untrue. Now re-tweetings has taken over my phone!