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Images of Britney Spears shaving her head during a breakdown in were captured by more than 70 photographers, and became famous around the world, almost overnight. In a new Channel 5 documentary, Britney Spears: Breaking Point , a tattoo artist who was there the night this happened, has claimed Britney confided in her about why she did it. After leaving a rehabilitation clinic in Antigua, Britney had gone to the home of her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, asking to see their children, Sean and Jayden. When he refused, Britney drove to a nearby hair salon and asked hairdresser, Esther Tognozz to shave her head. In the documentary Tognozz states that she tried to persuade her not to, but as soon as her back was turned, Britney had grabbed the clippers and begun shaving her own head.

New Britney Spears Documentary Shines Light on Why Singer Shaved Her Head in 2007

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It's been over a decade since Britney Spears spontaneously shaved her head , but it's not a moment those around her at the time will soon forget. Hairdresser Esther Tognozzi was present at the salon just outside Los Angeles where Spears shaved her head, and recalls the droves of paparazzi that followed her to the establishment. They were trying to pile up on top of each other to get a picture and the one bodyguard was actually covering the front door with a cape," Tognozzi remembers. I felt someone was going to get hurt, for sure, it was crazy. Tognozzi says she stepped away to take a call from her brother and when she came back, Spears had "grabbed a buzzer and she was testing to see how it was going to feel or look to buzz her hair. While in the initial paparazzi photo snapped of Spears, she looks elated about her decision to shave her head, Tognozzi says the singer's mood soon changed.

The upsetting reason Britney Spears shaved her head in 2007

Until she shaved her head, I had not spent a moment thinking about Britney Spears. But the photographs of her shaved head stopped me short. They were fascinating.
Britney Spears appears to be a great place in her life, eleven years after her famous head-shaving incident, which marked part of her public meltdown. This summer, she will embark on a world tour. Spears has also been spending time recently watching the Winter Olympics—she penned a personal tweet to figure skater Adam Rippon on Friday. Who doesn't love to twirl all day?? On Feb.