Boob reviews on vertebrate anatomy

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NCBI Bookshelf. Yusuf S. Khan ; Hussain Sajjad. Authors Yusuf S. Khan 1 ; Hussain Sajjad 2.

Mammary gland

Anatomy, Thorax, Mammary Gland - StatPearls - NCBI Bookshelf

Tags: Kenneth Kardong ,. This one-semester text is designed for an upper-level majors course. Vertebrates features a unique emphasis on function and evolution of vertebrates, complete anatomical detail, and excellent pedagogy. Vertebrate groups are organized phylogenetically, and their systems discussed within such a context. Morphology is foremost, but the author has developed and integrated an understanding of function and evolution into the discussion of anatomy of the various systems. It's odd to see some of the reviews.

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An udder is an organ formed of two or four mammary glands on the females of dairy animals and ruminants such as cattle , goats , and sheep. The udder is a single mass hanging beneath the animal, consisting of pairs of mammary glands with protruding teats. In cattle, there are normally two pairs, in sheep, goats and deer, there is one pair, and in some animals, there are many pairs. In animals with udders, the mammary glands develop on the milk line near the groin, and mammary glands that develop on the chest such as in humans and apes and elephants are generally referred to as breasts.
Flight is essential for birds and captivating for birdwatchers. Consider the speed of a diving falcon, the burst of a flushed grouse, the erratic pattern of a courting hummingbird, or the endurance of long-distance migrants. Birds had to draw on their engineering skills and make some changes.