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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery has increased in popularity among adolescents in the United States. As more adolescents pursue these procedures, an understanding of the psychological aspects of these surgeries becomes increasingly important for the benefit of both patients and providers. The authors review the psychological aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical breast procedures as they pertain to adolescents, including augmentation mammoplasty, gynecomastia correction, breast reduction, and asymmetry correction. They include a discussion of the medicolegal and ethical implications of these procedures and recommendations for clinical management.

5 Signs Your Teen May Be Ready for Plastic Surgery

Considerations in Breast Augmentation in the Adolescent Patient

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Nearly , breast augmentations were performed in , with adolescents under 18 years of age accounting for 4, procedures 1. Breast development typically starts at 11 years range, 8—13 years and is complete at 15 years range, 11—18 years. This wide age range for physical maturity matches the equally wide range of emotional maturity in this patient population.

When Will I Start Developing?

Tuesday, Thursday: a. Saturday: 9 a. If your teenager has expressed interest in having cosmetic surgery, how do you know if he or she is ready to talk to a plastic surgeon? While the answer is unique for every parent and child, the following are signs that cosmetic surgery may be worth considering:. Your teen—not you or anyone else—is the one who wants plastic surgery.
For many women, macromastia, or overly large breasts, is more than just an aesthetic issue — it's also a health concern. Large breasts can cause discomfort and pain in the shoulders, neck and back. The medical condition can also cause rashes, interfere with physical activities and even cause upper extremity numbness, tingling and headaches.