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At nearly 50, the Canadian rock icon and humanitarian continues to turn up the volume on a variety of social sins and outrages, landing most recently as a kickass, modern-day Florence Nightingale. Her concern for the sick and the terminally ill is a natural byproduct of her own close calls due to cancer, kidney failure and heart surgery. A self-described science geek, Naked saw the chemo ward as a sorority of sorts and over time grew into the role of medical chaperone, accompanying ailing cancer patients to medical appointments, which eventually led to spending time with those who were not long for the world. Naked parlays that same philosophy to her new international line of CBD products known under the brand Mona Lisa Healing. She is a big advocate of legalized cannabis products, having witnessed remarkable improvements first with family members and friends and then ultimately for her own use as a sleep aid and workout enhancer. Her ultimate goal is to build an environment in which legalized cannabis products are accessible to the poor and the vulnerable.

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Here, music writers and fans discuss recent reissues, hot new releases, or just records we like. It almost single-handedly with an assist from Sublime put ska and dancehall influences back into mainstream American pop and rock music, at a time when grunge was still the watchword for commercial success. No Doubt was enormously influential, both musically and stylistically. Paging Bif Naked. Tragic Kingdom fits this pattern like a Jamaican-loving glove.

Bif Naked lays bare her songs and stories for Ridgeway show

Bif Naked I Bificus. By Dwayne Carter Click here to e-mail reviewer. Close your eyes and you will hear a little of Gwen, here and there.
This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Go ahead, refer to Bif Naked as a 'legacy artist. Rather than shy away from the phrase and its 'over the hill' connotations, Naked celebrates it. It's another sign she's one of Canadian rock's great survivors. I just look at her and I go, 'Man, she's like 75 in a miniskirt.