Barnabas mary gay jefferson county georgia

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Georgia Genealogy Trails. Jefferson County formed in , was one of the unfortunate counties that lay in the wake of Sherman's army. All records of deeds were burned at that time, and may valuable books in the office of the Ordinary, but, by some streak of luck, most of the original wills were saved, and are now preserved in tin files, alphabetically arranged, as are also all marriage licenses, administrators' returns, etc. There is no index in the office to these estates, so one has to go patiently through the files to find out what is there.

Barnabas L. Gay

Jefferson County

I have added many marriages from other resources making this. I alphabetized the names, and listed the Groom - Bride - Date Married - and listed information of notes if any. Marriage Announcement and Engagements may be listed as well. There maybe some mistakes, please do point them out to me to correct.

Son of Thomas Jefferson Gay, Sr. Gay and John Q. Gay « less. People Projects Discussions Surnames.
There is no warranty. Also check the individual locations without the county name. No website? Adkinson, Mary Ida