Asian girls and black men

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The message to the year-old Chinese Australian, who lives in Sydney, came from a stranger claiming to be on holiday from France. It wasn't the first Asian fetish message Ms Jiang, co-host of culture podcast Crazy Biatch Asians, had received online. Most of them came via dating apps, where men she connected with would be quick to tell her they sexually preferred Asian women. One message that particularly made her skin crawl said: "I've never tried Asian girls before.

Blasian love: The day we introduced our black and Asian families

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My mother messages me whenever she hears about a new anti-Asian American attack. She texts me a quick summary: how they were hurt, where they were, what they were doing. I love you. A month ago, my mother linked an article reporting the detonation of an explosive device outside the Nebraska Chinese Association. The building is a place I regularly visited as a child, and the community was an inclusive space for young Chinese Americans like myself. Now, it is the site of violence.

Women subjected to 'racist and demeaning' Asian fetishes on dating apps speak out

A spate of pandemic-era violence has shined a light on anti-Asian bias, stoking concerns of division between two minority communities. A something woman thrown into a set of newsstands in Flushing, Queens. An year-old man fatally assaulted in San Francisco. A recent spate of violence against Asian elders has left many Asian Americans across the country feeling targeted, wondering whether these are random acts of crime — or fueled by anti-Asian bias. Some, including Asian movie stars and celebrities, have called for greater recognition of the racism that targets Asian Americans.
It makes me nervous to write this. I rely on data and interviews with researchers. I took on this new role partly out of anger and sadness, and partly because I found my voice over the course of replying to texts from well-meaning white friends. It was such a struggle even to get the shooting recognized as race related.