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Hard as that is for the Twitter-addicted to believe, it is true, and a recent Pew Research study presents new evidence about the way that the platform leans. In the United States, Twitter users are statistically younger, wealthier, and more politically liberal than the general population. They are also substantially better educated, according to Pew: 42 percent of sampled users had a college degree, versus 31 percent for U. They were far more likely 60 percent to be Democrats or lean Democratic than to be Republicans or lean Republican 35 percent. In other words, Media Twitter is not Median Twitter.

Twitter Confirms ‘Download Your Tweet Archive’ Feature Is Being Rolled Out — “Slowly”

Twitter Is Not America - The Atlantic

One type of text that gets plenty of attention is text shared online via Twitter. In fact, several of the sentiment lexicons used in this book and commonly used in general were designed for use with and validated on tweets. We each downloaded ours and will now open them up. David and Julia tweet at about the same rate currently and joined Twitter about a year apart from each other, but there were about 5 years where David was not active on Twitter and Julia was.

Trump Has Changed How Teens View the News

Since President Trump took office, he has relentlessly attacked the media. Meanwhile, public trust in the press is at an all-time low. According to a recent Knight-Gallup report , only a third of Americans view the press positively. Teenagers, in particular, appear to be increasingly questioning the credibility and value of traditional media organizations.
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